Your Bespoke R&D Facility

Bespoke Facilities

Have a building designed to meet your own

MIRA Technology Park offers the opportunity to design a bespoke facility to the precise requirements of the customer, creating specialist R&D accommodation with associated parking and service access contained within a landscaped space. The MIRA Technology Park team will work with clients to design the specialist buildings that will meet their requirements and secure the detailed planning consent. 

Building Specification

The masterplan defines a flexible platform to create research and development facilities with a mix of workshop, laboratory and office accommodation. The size, configuration and appearance of these buildings will be designed in collaboration with the client and following the parameters set out in the masterplan and the associated planning consent.

The MIRA Technology Park team will create a conceptual design around a client specification and the masterplan design codes and work with the client to develop this into a final building design which is full optimised against all requirements, in particular the clients’ operational needs and their corporate objectives.