The New MIRA Engineering Centre.

X-Large image The new MIRA Engineering Centre (MEC) will be the flagship building and centrepiece of the MIRA Technology Park. This £75M building will be the new home for MIRA, bringing much needed additional space and a significantly improved image to enable MIRA to compete with other high-tech vehicle engineering companies around the world.

MIRA’s current facilities on the A5 which were built in 1952, are now beyond their useful life and are in poor condition. They are also inefficient in terms of space utilisation and energy performance.

The new offices, laboratories and workshops will be designed to provide flexible working spaces for MIRA projects, whilst maintaining its independence and confidentiality credentials. The 43,000 square metre facility will be built in phases over the next five years enabling MIRA to move and enhance the technical facilities it currently has, using the expertise developed over the last 50 years to deliver a facility fit for purpose for the next 50 years and beyond.

The MEC facility will encompass leading edge technologies, facilities and equipment required to support a vehicle based business that is rapidly moving into greener, low carbon, intelligent and autonomous transport sectors, these key themes being embedded into the construction of the building itself. The MEC will provide MIRA with energy efficient, state of the art facilities encompassing modern heating and ventilation systems, efficient use of space in a green campus environment providing its employees, customers and visitors with modern, clean and vibrant spaces in which to work.