The MIRA Estate.

MIRAs extensive proving ground is next door to MTP.MIRA's estate covers an area of approximately 874 acres (353 hectares) – roughly 1.05 by 1.55 miles (1.7km by 2.5km). The site has over 58 miles (95km) of test track, which along with its other specialist testing equipment make it a unique automotive testing facility within the UK.

Security is a key factor for the operations at MIRA due to the sensitive nature of research, engineering design, development and testing of prototype vehicles. Presently there are some 50 buildings on site totalling 40,000 square metres (430,000 square feet). Over 650 employees currently work on the campus either for MIRA or related companies based on site.

The plan's focus is the development of a new Engineering Centre and customer facilities, to replace out-dated facilities already on the site, whilst ensuring that the functions of the existing Technology Park and Proving Ground will be operationally unaffected during the development period. The new proposals will be set in a sensitively landscaped green environment, taking into consideration the existing trees and biodiversity already in existence. The existing on-site sports facilities will be relocated and improved together with a number of other amenities to enhance the current working environment.

Location of MIRA’s headquarters.