Engineering Facilities.

Facilities at MTP include an aerodynamic and two 
climatic wind tunnels.
MIRA has extensive experience in providing test engineering services to the global automotive industry. With over 30 major test facilities, including a comprehensive set of safety laboratories - crash, impact simulation, pedestrian; vehicle and component environmental facilities; full scale aerodynamic wind tunnel; vehicle and component EMC (electromagnetic compatibility); component and structures test labs.

Our team of specialist test consultants, engineers and technicians provide our clients with hundreds of years of combined expertise in testing to regulations and standards, to client specific requirements and in the development of appropriate test procedures and methods.

Ongoing capital investment in major facilities and equipment to support our client base has seen the recent additions of a new EMC facility, a major upgrade to our vehicle Climatic Wind Tunnel (CWTOne) and a comprehensive battery test facility.

Research and development investment in new test methods and tools is also an important part of MIRA’s test engineering business. R&D investment in the last 12 months has resulted in the introduction of a new ‘non-destructive’ low ‘g’ test rig and associated test methods, which are now being used to support vehicle manufacturers with sensor development in rollover scenarios.

You can find out more about MIRA’s engineering expertise, test facilities and proving ground on our sister website