Proving Ground & Events.

MIRA's wet grip and ITS circuits.MIRA’s proving ground is one the largest, most comprehensively specified and truly independent automotive proving grounds in the world. Located in the Midlands, at the heart of the UK automotive industry, MIRA offers all kinds of worldwide driving surfaces at one location to test your vehicles in complete safety and security.


MIRA represents a unique opportunity for the key stakeholders in the automotive arena to engage with each other and drive the news agenda by revealing the latest vehicle technology, showcasing technology demonstrators, test-driving forecourt ready models, building awareness and entertaining all at one location.

Driver Training

Safety remains our top priority and specialist driver training is the foundation stone of a safe working environment. That’s why MIRA is firmly established as the premier training establishment providing expert driver training to the global motor industry and the emergency services. Only MIRA provides expert driver training by professionally qualified subject-matter experts, in a range of specially adapted vehicles, using a range of high & low friction surfaces. There’s only one reason why the world’s leading engineers and test drivers use MIRA for training - because it’s the best training there is. Don’t cut corners with safety.

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