We are committed to delivering excellence in a high-class environment with a real sense of community. The HORIBA motto of ‘Joy and Fun’ totally underpins everything we do.

MIRA Technology Park's campus extends over 335 hectares surrounded by beautiful British countryside. It is fully equipped and designed to provide resident companies with everything they need and an outstanding working environment, helping them to recruit and retain the best talent. The location is a creative environment and a haven for wildlife, which you are as likely to see in its natural habitat as you are to meet the world’s best engineers.

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With a range of cardio equipment, resistance machines and free weights.


Onsite catering company Olive Catering can provide food for meetings and events, from bacon rolls to buffets.

Costa Coffee Shop

Fully branded cafe with indoor and outdoor seating.

Logistics centre

Central stores for all tenant deliveries and shipping.

Sports facilities

Two tennis courts, football pitches and cricket nets. Many days of the week there are friendly five-a-side games and tournaments.


Our team of events specialists can arrange and facilitate a range of events. They often use the conference rooms and test tracks.

Medical services

Our part-time doctor is available onsite.

Nursery (Coming soon)

Onsite child care service for employees, which helps to provide a soft landing and makes it easier to recruit and retain staff.

Shop (Coming soon)

A grocery store providing basic food and supply items.

Hotel (Coming soon)

This will house both national and international visitors. The hotel will also house longer-term guests in studio apartments.


A natural development

The ongoing development of MIRA Technology Park is fully integrated with its rural setting and aims to provide an attractive amenity for resident companies, visitors and staff. Wherever possible, existing ecological habitats including woodlands, water bodies, open grassland and vegetation are retained and protected.

Sustainability is at the heart of the development, which meets best practice industry standards, including BREEAM – the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for master planning projects, infrastructure and buildings. The development also features many aspects of a green future.


Secure and confidential

We are rigorous in ensuring that the security and confidentiality of resident companies operations are constantly maintained. As well as deploying a wide range of physical, electronic and manned security assets to protect the site at all times, we do go to great lengths to prevent any kind of unauthorised photography or audio/visual recording.

Although MIRA Technology Park hosts many competing companies in varying requirements for confidentiality, we have always found that such a prestigious technology cluster fosters nothing but collaboration and community. Our networking events are the ideal platform for growth, to share ideas, innovation and discover new technologies.