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12th February 2018

MIRA Technology Institute (MTI) curriculum

This is an evolving offer that has been built following a 12-month cycle of discussions, presentations and meetings with employers on and off MIRA Technology Park and we would like to thank everyone who has been involved to date. The work has been key to ensure we keep to the MTI’s vision:


“Our vision is to be a global centre of excellence where industry leaders, engineers, technicians and business professionals come to develop industry essential skills, key to fuelling their career ambitions and their employers’ business success. 

The MIRA Technology Institute will produce specialist skills and qualifications that students and employers’ will aspire to achieve.  We will constantly seek to create learning opportunities in the cutting edge technologies required to develop innovative, inspiring products which create wealth and improve transport in all of its forms for future generations.”

 The courses and qualifications being offered will range from short one day courses through to full PhD research projects, across multiple topics, with the aim to cater for all levels. Apprenticeships at all levels including Masters Apprenticeships, HNC, HND and Degrees will also be covered. For those joining the automotive industry, we are offering Post Graduate qualifications in areas such as; Powertrain, Body and Chassis Simulation and Test as well as courses in the advanced and in new technology areas such as Electric Vehicles, Functional Safety, Connected and Autonomous vehicles and CyberSecurity.


If you would like to find out more or help us shape the curriculum, please get in touch. 


Torin Spence

MIRA Technology Park Skills Manager

024 7635 8116