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2nd July 2018

MIRA Technology Institute Strengthens Ties with Automotive Sector

MIRA Technology Institute, a unique partnership between North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College, HORIBA MIRA, Coventry University, Loughborough University and the University of Leicester recently held an engagement event with leading employers from the automotive sector to outline the Institute’s offer to the automotive industry.

The event, attended by companies including Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota and Bosch, allowed MIRA Technology Institute to illuminate how the institute will play a pivotal role in combining education and industry, in line with the Government’s Industrial Strategy.

Located in the heart of the UK’s automotive manufacturing sector, on the MIRA Technology Park campus, MTI is perfectly geographically placed to serve the industry. Providing on and off the job training for at least 2,500 students per year, the Institute represents the future of technical and skills training for the UK.

Talking at the event, representatives from each of the partners were able to give attendees a virtual tour of the campus, further understanding of the vision of MTI, an overview of the unique curriculum and develop its position as a skills trainer catering for the next generation of automotive engineers, as well as a pioneer in upskilling already highly qualified engineers.

Curriculum staff from all the partners gave an overview of the innovative skills escalator that will be delivered at the Institute which will inspire and nurture talent from school children up to PhD level students. Starting at GCSE level, the model will enable students to develop their skills from the very basics right through to being highly qualified engineers, as well as allowing them to enter the skills escalator at different levels to develop specific skill sets. The curriculum also aims to deliver the skills necessary, not just in engineering but in other areas that allow a business to succeed such as; business development, project management and leadership skills.

Marion Plant OBE, Chief Executive at North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College, said: “The automotive sector is constantly innovating, with technology developing at an ever-increasing rate. To stay relevant in this industry employers need to be able to constantly adapt and find skilled workers for specialised roles. The unique partnership between ourselves, HORIBA MIRA, Coventry University, Loughborough University, and the University of Leicester will allow us to train the next wave of highly talented engineers, as well as upskill already established engineers as they tackle the next wave of advancement in the industry. It is this holistic approach to skills training that will ultimately prove to be such an attractive prospect for employers.”

Torin Spence, Skills Manager for MIRA Technology Park, “MIRA Technology Institute represents the future of skills training in the UK. Our delivery of CPD courses alongside full qualifications from five different partners offers a unique path, adapting to the current and future needs of employers and developing the skills necessary to allow the UK automotive sector to thrive as technology progresses. Meeting with key employers from the sector is a critical step towards strengthening the relationship between industry and education, allowing us to build a curriculum that addresses the skills gap and ultimately allows automotive engineering in the UK to thrive.”

Mark Leaney, M-Tec Engineering Projects “Great event at the MIRA Technology Institute. It’s nice to see an organisation putting time, money and effort into training the next generation of automotive engineers. Having a purpose built facility like this, the future talent of automotive engineers in the Midlands will only get stronger.”


MIRA Technology Institute is set to open in autumn 2018 and enrolment is now open. For more information on MIRA Technology Institute, its partners and curriculum offer, please visit