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1st May 2024

Warwick Acoustics Confirms MIRA Tech Park As Sustainable Manufacturing Site For Revolutionary Automotive Audio Products

The Warwickshire-based company designs, engineers, and manufactures its revolutionary speaker systems in the UK, marking a significant milestone in its journey since signing its first production contract in June 2023.

Warwick Acoustics' Electrostatic Audio Panels, now in the final phases of industrialisation, represent a groundbreaking advancement in automotive audio technology. These panels are 90% lighter and use 90% less energy than traditional automotive speakers, offering unparalleled sound quality and sustainability benefits. The selection of the 100% renewable powered MIRA Tech Park site further enhances the sustainability credentials of the patented technology, made using upcycled materials and free from rare earth elements.

CEO of Warwick Acoustics, Mike Grant, expressed pride in the expansion, stating, " We have been based at MIRA Tech Park since 2018 and it has been a superb site for us to conduct the research, development and initial manufacturing of our products. As we enter series production, we are very proud to significantly expand our operations here. Manufacturing our product where we are based is important to us, not only for ensuring the sustainability and quality of our output, but also because UK production offers real global competitiveness from where we can challenge industry norms in this huge $8bn global market.”

The signed 10-year lease covers 36,000 sq. ft. of office and technical space in a new 72,000 sq. ft. unit, reflecting Warwick Acoustics' commitment to scaling up its production of electrostatic audio systems. The purpose-built hybrid R&D unit marks the commencement of the park's next phase of development, adding a further 1 million sq. ft. of R&D, innovation, and engineering facilities.

Commenting on the partnership, Tim Nathan, Managing Director of MIRA Tech Park, said, "Warwick Acoustics' decision to expand their operations at MIRA Tech Park underscores our dedication to providing world-class facilities for companies leading the way in low carbon and automotive technology. Their transformational and cutting-edge tech exemplifies our commitment to supporting companies at every stage of growth, from small start-ups to major players occupying large-scale buildings within our park. We look forward to continuing to support Warwick Acoustics' exciting journey as they further innovate and contribute to the advancement of automotive technology and sustainability".

The expansion of MIRA Tech Park's South Site, announced in February, further enhances the growth trajectory for companies like Warwick Acoustics. With a focus on large-scale advanced UK manufacturing, this expansion aligns with the urgent need for more UK-based manufacturing capabilities, offering opportunities to boost the economy, create jobs, and drive innovation while promoting sustainable practices.

Warwick Acoustics' continued growth within MIRA Tech Park symbolises the success of home-grown UK manufacturing and the park's commitment to nurturing innovative companies. As the company continues to innovate in audio technology and sustainability, it exemplifies British ingenuity and entrepreneurship on the global stage.