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15th May 2017

Working in Partnership Coventry University - A Winning Team

MIRA Technology Park challenged a group of Architecture and Design students from Coventry University to develop new designs for the Technology Park with the aim of enhancing our Technology campus.

Three students Lucy Frobisher, Jake Butteriss and William Mansell from the Interior Design team engaged with our team to join the six month challenge.  Working together, the project followed three key stages.  Firstly, the students presented their findings to our Executive team at Coventry University, where we reviewed their initial presentations.  Each student presented their individual ideas and we marked and made comments on their work.  Secondly, the students came to MIRA Technology Park to work as a team combining their ideas and presenting their work.  A final review completed the project, with the team from MTP analysing and marking their work as a group. 

In order to thank the students for their hard and achievements work George Gillespie, CEO presented them with a cheque for £1,000 to share between the team members. They also received a trophy in recognition of their contribution to the project.  The student making the best presentation of their ideas was also individually recognised with a special award.