Engineering, facilities and capabilities

MIRA Technology Park’s tenants can leverage HORIBA MIRA’s unique combination of test facilities and engineering resources. Our capabilities enable you to undertake cutting-edge research and product development involving design, simulation, testing, development and certification processes to deliver world-class automotive and transport products.

We’ve invested over £300M to create Europe’s most comprehensive, independent automotive technology facility and an unrivalled range of 38 major test facilities are available on site so that you can significantly reduce the capital investment and operational expense required to establish a viable automotive technical presence in the UK.

Our vehicle engineering services and capabilities cover conceptual design, engineering design, prototyping, testing, development, validation and certification for both core vehicle development and cutting-edge automotive technologies.



We help our customers develop robust engineering solutions to enhance safety including passive, active, functional and cyber safety.



Meeting the low carbon challenge by engineering and developing ‘cleaner’ vehicles is at the core of our cutting-edge research programmes and is integrated across our whole vehicle engineering process.



By helping our customers to develop more ‘intelligent’ connected and autonomous vehicles, we will make journeys of the future safer, more efficient and convenient.



Our extensive experience and comprehensive facilities allow our engineers to determine exactly what vehicle attributes require development in order to make a vehicle more enjoyable to drive and compete in the global marketplace.


Vehicle engineering

We are a centre of excellence for vehicle engineering design, test and development and our 600+ strong team work with global automotive customers.

We run programs from styling and concept right through to development, validation and certification as well as providing a bespoke consultancy for engineering problem-solving projects.

With all facilities in one location we offer a complete solution to our customers’ requirements to save time, money and support technology transfer where appropriate.

Test engineering

We have extensive experience in providing test engineering services to the global automotive industry. With 38 facilities, including a comprehensive set of safety laboratories - crash, impact simulation, pedestrian; vehicle and component environmental facilities; full scale aerodynamic wind tunnel; vehicle and component EMC (electromagnetic compatibility); component and structures test labs.


Emerging Technologies

HORIBA MIRA is continually investing in and developing its capability in future transport technologies to ensure we remain at the forefront of automotive development. Strong emerging areas of growth include Connected and Autonomous vehicles, light-weighting, electrification, alternative fuel systems and cyber resilience to name a few.

Connected and autonomous vehicles

We help customers to define, design, build, validate and test their connected and autonomous vehicle solutions.

Our independent experts draw upon unparalleled vehicle engineering experience to solve transport sustainability challenges. By helping our clients in the automotive sector to develop connected and autonomous vehicles, we’re making sure journeys of the future are safer, efficient and more convenient.

Connecting vehicles

Engineering design and simulation

Our engineering team has an in-depth understanding of the requirements needed to deliver a vehicle from concept through to production; independently offering an automotive development capability which mirrors that seen in most vehicle manufacturers.

By utilising the latest simulation packages, we are able to validate complex designs at a component level along with full vehicle designs in a virtual environment.

Design and simulation

Pre-programme support

To support the early stages of the vehicle development process, our engineers apply their extensive experience of benchmarking complete vehicles or chosen attribute areas, to provide customers with realistic targets and benchmark data during the concept and development phase.

We also conduct feasibility studies to ensure best practice in the utilisation of new and existing technologies, without inheriting constraints from legacy compromises on past projects.

Pre-programme support

Full vehicle development

HORIBA MIRA has an in-depth understanding of what is required to deliver a vehicle from concept through to production, independently offering an automotive development capability comparable with that of most OEMs. We deliver complex solutions to customer specifications in all areas of vehicle engineering including design for assembly (DFA) and design for manufacture (DFM).

Our expertise includes vehicle underbody engineering, vehicle upper body engineering and system integration.

Vehicle development

Vehicle Emissions Testing

Real Driving Emissions (RDE) will become an EU6d Emission Regulation for new Type Approvals in 2017 and is the most significant change in light-duty vehicle emissions regulations in decades.

The regulation affects all fuel and injection types, and HORIBA MIRA will support the industry through this change by providing customers with Portable Emissions Measurement (PEMS), the latest vehicle emissions test facilities and consultancy services.

Real Driving Emissions

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

We have the largest concentration of independent EMC experts in the UK offering a complete programme management service. For over 25 years we have been delivering proven, world-class solutions across many market sectors.

To support vehicle electrical system development activities we operate a number of EMC and electrical test laboratories. Our EMC test capabilities provide component and vehicle sign off to ISO 17025 quality standards.

EMC and electrical testing

Safety Laboratories

We integrate the very best facilities to deliver safety development services across the automotive, rail, aerospace and military sectors.With an indoor crash laboratory, an external crash site, HyGe sled, gravity sled, pedestrian impact rigs, numerous component testing rigs and a comprehensive suite of computer simulation tools, our experts have everything needed in one location to deliver complex safety development programmes for vehicles with internal combustion engines as well as hybrid and electric vehicles.

Safety development

Vehicle and component environmental testing

Our facilities include climatic wind tunnels and two vehicle chambers which can simulate temperatures from -40ºC to +80ºC and relative humidity from 5-95%. Wind speeds of up to 200kph can be generated, as well as snow, driven rain and solar simulation with 2WD or 4WD chassis dynamometers.

We also have a dedicated component and environmental testing facility; the largest of its kind in the UK.


Environmental testing


New advanced facilities

HORIBA MIRA solves problems, driven by key megatrends that will shape the transport industry over the next 25 years. Our vision ensures we provide world-leading facilities. In the near future our investment continues with many new facilities and capabilities planned.

To find out more about our engineering and testing capabilities visit HORIBA MIRA.