Workforce and employment

MIRA Technology Park is world-renowned and attracts the best engineering talent from across the globe. The Midland’s region has a strong advanced manufacturing and engineering base and its 19 universities and the MIRA Technology Institute ensure future talent availability.

MIRA Technology Park

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Developing future talent

In addition to a strong university presence, the Midlands is home to over 70 Further Education colleges as well as other providers offering specialist engineering training, including Midlands Group Training Services, an engineering national centre of excellence.

Three universities have a presence on site for automotive and skills development. Specialist engineering and management education training is provided on-site through the MIRA Technology Institute, ensuring that companies based here are able to recruit and train the skills they need for their operations.


Recruitment and talent support

We can help you source the expert talent you need. From recruitment open days and a job board for vacancy filling, our on-site skills managers help tenants match long-term skills goals and short-term needs from a pool of HORIBA MIRA consultants to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.


Skills development

Our vision is to be a global centre of excellence where industry leaders, engineers, technicians and business professionals come to develop industry essential skills, key to fuelling their career ambitions and their employers business success.

The MIRA Technology Institute will produce specialist skills and qualifications that students and employers will aspire to achieve.  We will constantly seek to create learning opportunities in the cutting edge technologies required to develop innovative, inspiring products which create wealth and improve transport in all of its forms for future generations.


Current opportunities

We’re surrounded by the most accomplished automotive talent in the world. Our partners on site often need new colleagues.

Get in touch to find out more about what MIRA Technology Park can offer your business.